Bhishan Poudel, Ph.D. Candidate

Data Scientist

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Section A: PySpark Introduction

Renaming columns in PySpark

Creating new column using multiple conditions in PySpark

Section B: Kaggle Projects

Various Regressors: Consumer Complaints

Random Forest Regressor: All State Insurance

Various Regressors: Fraud Detection

Various Regressors: House Price Prediction

Random Forest Tuning: House Price Prediction

Section C: Regression

Linear Regression with PySpark

Logistic Regression with PySpark

Logistic Regression Consulting Project with PySpark

Section D: Tree Methods

Random Forest Classification with PySpark

Section E: Recommender Systems

Recommender Systems with PySpark

Section F: Clustering

K-Means Clustering with PySpark

K-Means Clustering Project with PySpark

Section G: Streaming

Streaming with PySpark

Streaming Twitter Data with PySpark

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