Bhishan Poudel, Ph.D. Candidate

Data Scientist

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Comprehensive Projects

Project: King County House Price Prediction

Project: Fraud Detection

Project: Time Series Forecasting for Wikipedia daily visits dataset

Project: Toxic Comments Text Analysis

Business Projects

Conversion Rate Analysis

AB Testing in Business Context

Employee Retention Analysis

Identifying Fraudulent Activities

Funnel Analysis

Pricing Testing

Marketing Email Campaign

Recommend the next Song for Users

Clustering Grocery Items Together

Finding Fraudulent Credit Card Transactions

Impact of User Referral Program on Users

Loan Granting to Banking Customers

Find the Similar Cities Using Similarity Matrix

Study of Diversity in Workplace

Parse the URL and Get Relevant Fields

Designing Recommender Engines to Study User Engagement

Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA)

EDA: Gun Violence in USA (Data Analysis and Visualization Using Pandas)

EDA: New York Flights Data Analysis (Pandas and Seaborn)

EDA: Analysis of influence of ethnic and cultural diversity on murder rate in USA.

EDA: Airnb Bookings (Pandas and Bokeh)

EDA: Analysis of crime rates in different cities in USA.

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