Bhishan Poudel, Ph.D. Candidate

Data Scientist

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Hollywood Movies

Bollywood Movies

Live TV

Useful Online Tools

Temporary Email

Temporary Phone Number

Bug Me Not find and share logins

Has my email been hacked?

How long does it take to watch all the series?

Data Science and Machine Learning

GitHub Wiki TOC generator

GitHub README Profile generator

Draw lines and get csv

Get syntax highlighted source code image online

Markdown TOC Generator

Online syntax highlighting HTML

Create SQL output like table from csv

Create SQL output like table from csv another website

Visualize keras model Net2Vis

Images and Files

Transfer and share files

Convert files to gif

Convert djvu to pdf

Online OCR

Cool Text Graphics Generator

Spell check


Jeff Bezos Wealth


persofoto (get passport size photo)



Mobilism (Install apps e.g. Medium, NYTimes)

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